an experiment in permaculture poetics






in that lake shaped like a fallen leaf

so deep the broken can't break through

the summer sky is silver-cold


cold bones burn

as if translated clouds

waking on a grey sea after unconsciousness


          (The town spills into my mind.

            I wonder if I can stay here until it's light outside.

            Are those pomegranates in the trees? Are those pomegranate trees?)


yet no one gave us instructions on how to prepare them

the land itself indifferent to our histories

a battle for symbols, but the symbols were real


          (Oh Lucy, we'll tell it more than slant.

           Get all my quarters and wash my pants.

           Unfortunately the world could not be found.)


the trail went away

           dust is in concrete


                     the year is a clear glass of

                     crooked, irregular branches


in the smallest possible floating world

the snowflakeshow they fall, submit themselves to snow


what is your hope for the next hundred years?






Spiral Orb is an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and intertextuality—a cross-pollination. This opening poem composts fragments from each of the pieces in Spiral Orb Two. Standing also as the table of contents, each line is embedded with a hyperlink to its original poem. Once at each poem, you will find links to the other poems in Spiral Orb Two.

Current Spiral Orb.


For more on Spiral Orb and for the next submission period, see What Is.