Nora Boxer




read one thousand starlings lined up on wires facing the weather

read a sloped shoulder

read diamond patterns beneath her palm in the skull crater the tumor left

read that the asked-for had appeared

read that this was a hard land, a stone land, a man's land, not to be trusted

read water under that

read fear on the water

read faces for opinions

read what wasn't said

read the future in two cracked eggshells at a campsite

read a strange old man in a white fur coat on the wind and then the party was at his house

read happiness in a dream of her father offering a rubber chicken to a boy she disliked

read and misread the ways the earth would open up before her

read power like false water

read limits squaring off into lies

read a fable about love between two women wearing a mask

read that they met each other masked

read how to redirect the hypnotist's mind to the jack of clubs

read waking on a grey sea after unconsciousness

read before like it was after, and after like it was before

read between the

read desire for self behind the electronic selfs

read it had been the harder way walked around a mountain

read circularity as a newer idea of summit or transcendence

read in small recycled moves towards the heart

read with bones a spirit intelligence the way bodies shift

read that she wasn't allowed to say spirit but

read in a cross-sectioned cadaver that we are not just our bodies

read the mountain's silence as a permission gate

read a hawk wanting to enter the poem as it passed by the window

read misread symbols up back down and sideways

read revisions

read unwritten potentiality like two train tracks diverging

read a multiplicity of routes, roots, and wires

read again those birds presaging weather

read a fondness for graph paper and vines

read a string thimble information blueprint cue before the lure lattice vanished

read it's dangerous to step there

read don't take a photograph here

read no it's ok then so risked stepping anyway

read some kind of life lesson





Nora Boxer received her MA in Fiction from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010, where she was the recipient of the Keene Prize for Literature for her short story, "It's the song of the nomads, baby; or, Pioneer". She was a summer resident at the Woodstock Byrdcliffe Colony in Woodstock, NY, and will be in residence this fall at the Elsewhere Collaborative in Greensboro, NC. Currently in Hawaii and working on a novel, Nora has worked with the Society of the Muse of the Southwest in Taos, NM, Green Gulch Farm Zen Center on the California coast, and junior high classrooms in Austin, Texas, where she taught poetry with Badgerdog Literary Publishing.