Jane Sprague



This cannot be a list. The land

itself indifferent to our histories

someone posted signs (white signs)

blueblue bloodthe D.A.R. funded

theseblue and yellowthe state's

colorsat the timeroad-mapping

genocideGeneral Sullivan's campaign

Here Peach Orchard (BURNT) (sign gone)

O-WA-GE-A (now Owego) and the

real fact of the old tale is that

all the Indians were long gone anyway

before Sullivan's gouty push cut through

the Western wilds of what once was

not even Dutch terrain





Jane Sprague is the author of The Port of Los Angeles (Chax, 2009) and several chapbooks. Current projects include editing Imaginary Syllabi (Palm Press, 2010) and researching My Appalachia, a book of poetry and prose investigating generational poverty, rednecks and racism, and histories of genocide in upstate NY. She lives in Long Beach, CA where she teaches writing at CSULB and publishes Palm Press.