More Else
Valyntina Grenier



   Yes into the floor under the baseboards and sunk into mud


   Will you please will you please give me under the baseboards and sunk into mud cold and wet disturbing the earth failing and thinking watering a dream or the water that I mean a coast one wonder some coast to be seen redwoods along cliffs with the crashing


   Red hooks in water with a little tail feather and something that looks like food florescent pink play-dough and some mini maraschino cherry spheres cake cake cake pack pack pack into the hook and onto the water to out that life whole before water before under hear a place before words watered down gusts I digest the blank before time the wish before fish was staked out of water dreams dying before it that there in that lake shaped like a fallen leaf so named and so named before the feather and food like the water was smooth and scales close to the rocks sang


   Scrape me off / Scrape me off/ I am fungal/ Scrape/ me off


   Its that that that a being will seek to refine/ place words before time a vacant curve in the mother's belly but before this even that pane of glass to pack fresh words in before and after a love thaw world life/ word-like/ worldless light space before time or after the unknowable that drifts like a fetter bobs and curves un-catch able lupus into the lipase of a fish after food poached out of water


   These foyers reconnoitering for my substance fake eyelashes at the top of a flag pole batting look at me authentic loved but under water is this grill a forged force sucking all small things in and grasping the rest against the bottom until the current pulling substance becomes so great bones break and flesh is compressed in


Cast me/ off Cast me/ off Set me down/ gently O hold me/ close


   Ok that's a little out of line here's the hook that hook that hooks near the surface where wish and wonder skim the deep hoping for food in it a lake's place making that lake a space like Emily's window the small pain between life and just this inside the life outside that flag on the flag pole waving come sing to me of the stillness tell me of it feel it making me of it blowing in wind


   Where was circumference before a circle like a leaf shaped a lake like a fallen body an in-the-round ideology back again age pedaling for some one to stop this spinning come wave come wind with me stay here in wind/ compacted the drain shows down the window the leaf keeps falling before the vacant curve before the flesh and food befog the love address the wonder


Slow/ down stop even/ Watch/ what/you're doing yet/ just keep going a/ need for refinement


   The hook is the flag with its bright feathers and food like the flag is a flair is the after the warning of a wave to end in the house but the curve to remembering the vacant fly bumping or floating un-curve to imagine the only way to in let me remember in when from a circle before again


No a point a/ nothing No/ Yes just/ beginning an end






Valyntina Grenier is editor-in-chief of Back Room Live and Life-long Press. Valyntina’s visual art can be viewed at Harriet Homemaker. She Blogs at Life-long Press.