The Cedars of Lebanon
Brandon Shimoda



Orange fish in a square pond




Creaturely ladies      raising trumpets




Bitten thread-grain               Chinese tree



                               sheer pink



                                       shadow of infantry


        rising the surface of day

                                                grazing names of the dead

                                                eating halloumi, drinking black


                          milk to mild

            she-wolf to be fresh and ready to drink


Earth water      forgiving hell of earth water

Orange fish with lethargic rodent eyes



The whole of the valley      on fog feet



            Job ascended

                                                                           to leech

                                            the bush




Trust be our writers, strangers   hang


                            the river

            stalkers in low-hanging clouds

                                     singing five boys a girl


Are those pomegranates in the trees? Are those pomegranate trees?


                                      concealing the colony

                         in the guise of a fruit       shaking the mullah sun


           and arms from our bodies


      burning charms

                     lesser beingsall


   red pierce

The entire landscape of the country      concentrated

Into a single line

                     resembles a funnel        chain-passage of bodies




Brandon Shimoda's collaborations, drawings and writings have appeared in print, online, on vinyl and on walls ... and most recently in The Bowling, with Sommer Browning (Greying Ghost Press), Lake M (Corollary Press) and The Pines Volume Six: PILE, with Phil Cordelli. He currently lives in the United States.