Witness Effect
Dan Beachy-Quick



the fearcast predicts snow, fore-

ground's tense bullying drifts


that drift cloud-like drift in

dust-like swirls on the road




it wears a mask it won't take off

the field follows the field it follows


what is fallow what is a blanket of

so deep the broken can't break through




& all these thoughts thought when

thought if thought what if


thought is true love these thoughts

behind the window-frame framed




epic journey there is none only this

journal entry hastily done, blister


on the burned finger's tip, gathering

fountain into which strange waters run





Dan Beachy-Quick is the author most recently of This Nest, Swift Passerine and A Whaler's Dictionary. A new chapbook is out from Spork Press titled Overtakelessness. He teaches in the MFA Program at Colorado State University.