How I Love Paris

Jessy Randall



How I love Paris, Paris in the springtime, or even with sludge, and all because of you, because of you not being there. You don’t live in Paris.


How I love Google, genius-like Google, it’s brilliant and fast – how I love Google, and all because of you, because I never find you via Google, you’re invisible on the internet, it knows nothing about you, no marriage, no success, you’re not even listed as competing in a 5K run.


How I love the universe, the glorious, enormous universe, it’s so infinite that a fraction like you can be forgotten, discounted, you’re astronomically small in the universe.


And how I hate falling asleep at night and dreaming, and you can see why.





Jessy Randall's collection of poems A Day in Boyland (Ghost Road Press, 2007) was a finalist for the Colorado Book Award. She has a collection of collaborative poems with Daniel M. Shapiro, Interruptions (Pecan Grove, 2011), and a solo collection, Injecting Dreams into Cows, forthcoming from Red Hen in 2012. Her website is