from XYZZY

Andrew Durbin



I watch the flood go by


what does the alphabet spell?


the sunlight doesn’t stay long in my windowsill


I strive to seize the inmost Form


his wheels remain my symbolic antecedent


they hover in the afternoon sky


I am reminded of you


who is Juggernaut, and who is Charles Xavier?


she backs out of the bedroom


I have a hard time seeing anyone play Bardot but Bardot


small like a flame, but resembling a fire


do me a favor


we love to watch you walk among us


winter is forceful here, it breaks the better part of the year


we searched for clam shells at the beach


I am a coral maid


my flowers refuse their vertical growth


London is faraway


we search over Reykjavík


the girl went into the corner to cry


would you consider this moment historic?


the focal point produced the most tension


no concessions except when necessary


the cars move along the grid


patterns ascertain


clouds are very cautious


boys are full of shit


you remember growing up in South Carolina


nothing is different after, say, two years


LOVE is the title of my next book


Mont Blanc isn’t so great, everyone knows that


do you like the sound of my voice?


carefully, the system expands its definition


I include you in my letter


the waves are in full retreat




Andrew Durbin's work has appeared (or is forthcoming) in Washington Square, Antennae, NAP, >kill author, and elsewhere. With Kit Schluter and Allen Edwin Butt, he edits O'clock Press and its journal, CLOCK. He lives in New York.