an experiment in permaculture poetics






in the open field, where


                 the brain can multiply


we walk as though lonely each as though



                                standing next to you


                                even when you move closer


                                you're invisible



this is the future speaking not an aphorism


while the mudslides and lunar shifts


                           wheel out and gather—



waves are in full retreat


we climb into the inversion

                           language is infantile, yet


                           the inmates know me


don't think I don't appreciate the gravity of my error






Spiral Orb is an experiment in juxtaposition, interrelationships, and intertextuality—a cross-pollination. This opening poem composts fragments from each of the pieces in Spiral Orb Four. Standing also as the table of contents, each line is embedded with a hyperlink to its original poem. Once at each poem, you will find links to the other poems in Spiral Orb Four.

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