Karen Donovan



The difference between dust and

Bittersweet flaming the treetops


Constant the having to reinvent

The its being so leaky


Meanwhile a rabid skunk

Is dying in the geraniums


Blooms near total aphasia

The difference between dust and


Pattern computing in my thumbprint

Pi the music the bittersweet flaming


Near total eclipsing its leaky

Pink lingering after the truck bombs


The getting and staying off zero

The getting


After the truck bombs

The difference between zero and



Shivers the plus and minus


Skunk mind

Fever mind


Won't you eat

Won't you eat something





Karen Donovan's first collection of poetry, Fugitive Red, won the Juniper Prize for Poetry. For 20 years she coedited Paragraph, a journal of short prose published by Oat City Press. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, and now works in Providence.