Kimberly Alidio



            If I were to give you something to use



A pebble

A hotline

A coupon

Little adding machines



Suspended in the dark void

Neatly lineating

The eye’s panoramic take



Out to the oriental horizon

Like the fetal fields in the movie “The Matrix”

            Grown from GMOs

            Fueling in baby smell



The repairman called me a rock star: I'm OK for 8000

An "extra thou" to blow in Mexico

            "And do what?"

            And do what

Tack on extra a month

Abstract mad money



A tanda is a kye

            A computer plus some button-downs

            A half-number, a full

            Better than money in the bank to corner

            The liquor-convenience store market on the Compton/

            Koreatown border



Eventually it’ll be your number

Tanda means old




Some summer

Wheeling through needy circuits

Ingenious in common use

            Random burger joints


            "But you won't turn me"

The natural use of any city will

Persist in the cracks of economic




            Some say the market is

            Some say the market is

How did you become so keen?




Kimberly Alidio teaches history and works in the literary and performance arts. Her work will appear or has appeared in several journals and publications, including Fact-Simile, Everyday Genius, Horse Less Review, ESQUE, Bone Bouquet, Lantern Review, and Make/shift. Her website is