From: The Switch Yards
Michael Rerick



            A tense buzz of birds in

light escalation, a sudden

            twist synaesthesia



                       a sudden



                                                                          peeping at the bathroom window,

                                                                          how many birds, how many

                                                                          others—it’s coffee almost—






                                                                          each morning



            and each morning



                                                              a ten morning mile and sand storm dream

                                                              walk in the morning ten sleep miles an

                                                              animal dream in violent love in the morning

                                                              the same bed of ten sand miles and the myth

                                                              detection machine technology dream in the

                                                              morning dusting sand sheets a ten thousand

                                                              thousand love mile walk to sleep






                       the shipping clerk sings:


                       “All ship hulls, exterior,

                       exterior, load torqued, float

                       in their skin of land, land

                       ho! contents pressed heavy,

                       contents and bilge.”


                       To which the crane arm replies:


                       “The slap trap waves

                       and gulls dive and fish

                       dart, high I am here,

                       below a loose skin of

                       lifted metal cargo crates.”





Michael Rerick has a full-length collection, In Ways Impossible to Fold, out with Marsh Hawk Press, and a chapbook, X-Ray, out with Flying Guillotine Press.