On Considering the Universe, Sweet Acacias
Blooming between Sidewalk and Street
Simmons B. Buntin





           Trunks glow blue


among yellow flowers:


            whole constellations of them


in the dark branches


                                      of the night.




Simmons B. Buntin is the founding editor of Terrain.org: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments. His first book of poetry, Riverfall, was published in 2005 by Ireland's Salmon Poetry; his next collection, Bloom, is due from Salmon in late 2010. Recent work has appeared in Mid-American Review, Isotope, Orion, Hawk & Handsaw, and Southwestern American Literature. Look for new work in High Desert Journal, ISLE, Freshwater, Salamander, and Versal. Catch up with him at www.SimmonsBuntin.com.