Flower Eater
Donny Wankan



are you the stones that could not float

rough and arbitrary hardnesses

nestled into overcoat pockets


do you measure their weight
how solid they feel in each handful

in soft ghost palms who lift and nurture them


does she warm your not quite springtime

cold British waters

with salted cheeks


will you show her shape

in sixty-eight ripple indentations

spreading still to grass banks


do you say no to her toes

which stroke your turbid flank

or lean into their urgent pressing


call her in to squeeze a rough

bruising intimacy

sniff hungry at her perfume


when my lover drags from home

to nearby oozing darkness

a heady, golden rosetta?





Donny Wankan is a PhD student, currently living in the Houston area with his wife and daughter. His work has appeared in various publications, including Sol Magazine, The Externalist, Paradigm, the 2009 Texas Poetry Calendar, Ampersand Poetry Journal, and the 2009 Houston Poetry Fest Anthology.