The Shining Sky

Elizabeth Kelley Bowman



two, god of the shining sky

and god of war

here i offer this plate of anger

ivory-gold anger from the marrow of my bones

and silver anger from my eyes


let all my lifeblood run

like the river slow and heavy

unsurprised like the river

undismayed, undammed


shining where i am


shining like the anger

mottled silver ova of my anger

let me shine like that silver sky

blue and gray and green

silver that flows, too hot to touch


the illusion of a blue curtain

this soft darkness, this soft rain


dieu, dyeu, tiu, tiw, two





Elizabeth Kelley Bowman is assistant professor of comparative literature and new chair of the women and gender studies program at the University of Guam. She works with adaptation, gender, and film.