machines at work

     Betsy Fagin




     despised metal makes light the only remaining routine



                  peopled walks are a swallowed sky, bordered, stolen.



     torn, wrenching rejoices at difficulty.



                  blank walls communicate silenced fire



to celebrate the despondent, dispassionate,



            freestanding mettle. still living, synthetic:



            an unmarked hillside or populated city equally



                         the underbelly of a forgotten fertile plain.



            logics night repentant.



                       a slowed crawl, fuels forgetting.





Betsy Fagin is the author of Names Disguised (Make Now Press, 2014), Poverty Rush (Three Sad Tigers, 2011), the science seemed so solid (dusie kollektiv, 2011), Belief Opportunity (Big Game Books Tinyside, 2008), Rosemary Stretch (dusie e/chap, 2006) and For every solution there is a problem (Open 24 Hours, 2003). All is Not Yet Lost is forthcoming from Belladonna in 2015.