Vermivora luciae

Lucy's warbler

Christina Vega-Westhoff



Already I am fleeing

Traveling in a confusion

Or a bouquet    We are

Thrown in

The air together


So much song overlaps


Do we rest or long for it

Or long to strive

Or sing for more

              , our



But really wondering

Do we—

If there is a moment

That we rest

Do we repeat then


If there is a moment that we repeat, do we

Rest then?


Our fleeing looks nestled

At night it is cool


Carcass, zipper down



These grey and white feathers


A camouflaged breath




Like below desert

Sands sliver

Echoing ocean




Christina Vega-Westhoff is a poet and translator living in Tucson. Her poetry may be found online at Fieralingue: Poet’s Corner.