Micrathene whitneyi

Elf owl

Annie Guthrie



*micrathene whitneyi


I call and call and I don’t dream

you don’t see me when I check on you


the smallest of all

I weigh nothing


I have no ideas


lowlight conditions

let majesty to chance


even nothing turns my head

I bring body to light


play dead so you don’t see me


noble promise

I am not you


am empty council


it’s how to take in surprise

strike in a line


there are no watchers


locking ratchet grip

connection is capture


the smallest of all

meet what’s required


noble promise

I am not you





Annie Guthrie is a writer and jeweler living in Tucson. She works and teaches at the UA Poetry Center. She has work published or forthcoming in Tarpaulin Sky, Ploughshares, Fairy Tale Review, HNGMAN, The Destroyer, RealPoetik, Everyday Genius, Omniverse, The Volta, 1913, and more.