Cylindropuntia fulgida

Jumping cholla

Logan Phillips



A Synonymical Description


Fortress of wren, holder of nest,

needled crib, godfather to egg

––aflame in dawnlight, the wrencall.


Jumping cholla, la brincadora,

la viajera, la vela de coyote

––alight in a lightness of being, borderless.


Drinker of sand, halo of bones,

chain-hanger, cylindropuntia fulgida

––a bit of sun, earth-fallen, taken aroot.


Spear-haired trickster, dagger-eyed freeloader,

angelic bonsai, skeleton of desert coral

––all juxtapositions endemic to desert.


Thick-skinned traveler,

mohawked hitch-hiker

––along for the ride, stuck on my boot.




Logan Phillips is a bilingual poet, performer, teacher and DJ who tours his art throughout the United States and internationally. Phillips works to bring poems to the stage with the transdisciplinary performance group Verbo•bala and is the author of the forthcoming book The Sonoran Strange. Born in the borderlands, he lives in Tucson.