Lesquerella gordonii

Gordon's bladder pod
Lamaia Vaughn



You’re an old family friend, 
spreading sunshine across the gray sand

like the pink spots blossoming
across my baby daughter’s face.

Oh, bringer of beauty
predecessor to the poppy,

you gave me hope while silently
causing my daughter to drool.

A sweet blossom, four yellow petals, 
every year you did steadily appear

stems arranged in spokes from a center;
your humility, and constancy, made you more dear.

And though you gave my little one 
the sniffles, runny eyes and rashes,

you brought us cheer and signs of spring,
through the cold and wind; below the creosote branches.




Lamaia Vaughn teaches creative writing and film production at Doña Ana Community College. Having grown up in New Mexico, and being the child of two artists, Lamaia’s passion is creating images of this beautiful land.