Sialia currucoides

Mountain bluebird
LeeAnn Meadows



tew tew tew


        sing me your dawn song

        capture the sky


        take up residence

        in a woodpecker nest


        with your mate

        the color of a cloudy day


tew tew tew


        in the valley below

        the Organ Mountains


        the blue pair of you

        flits over open fields


        my feet feel light

        on the ditch bank


        my heart follows

        your flight path


tew tew tew


        I breathe in blueness

        and cannot imagine


        a past or a future or your trek

        from Canada to Mexico


        the bird guide says

        you migrate in small flocks


tew tew tew


        late winter light

        gleams off two pairs


        of blue wings

        moving like water


        in a figure eight pattern

        left to right


        right to left

        I watch you fly away





LeeAnn Meadows, born and raised in Humboldt County, California, now calls New Mexico home. She lives on the outskirts of Las Cruces with her artist/husband Glenn Schwaiger and two dogs in an old adobe motel surrounded by pecan trees. Her poetry explores relationships with family, her dogs, and nature.