Chilopsis linearis

Desert willow
Tyler Truman Julian



But for your leaves

I would forget

home, so far

away, along

the Hams Fork, where

the water runs

cold and beavers still



You, Chilopsis,

bring shade

in lines and streaks

across the desert,

dry, begging

for water. You

flower and grow

in ways I hope

the desert will

shape me, beautiful,



Chilopsis, I find

home in you

and the birds

that I imagine

travel a thousand miles

to cool in your


and survive.




Tyler Truman Julian is originally from Wyoming, though he currently resides in Mesilla, NM, with his wife. He is the Managing Editor for Puerto del Sol and author of the poetry collection, Wyoming: The Next Question to Ask (to Answer), published by Finishing Line Press. For more information, visit his website: