Dan Raphael



how do i turn my street into a stream

& the schoolyard across into a marsh

my house would be way smaller & could i be

that rare mammal or bird who writes & remembers

scent trails in journals of dust & mud

pictograms based on the interaction of reeds, rain & clouds


the lifetime from naked branch to naked branch


some people get brighter colors as they age

some of us are conifers who barely change clothes

knock off one limb & three more take its place

those who lose their leader early on grow off focus, indecisive

or the hearty limb with a bad break in its past


the patient process of turning asphalt into topsoil

returning a shopping center to the meadow it had been

if the dam's been here long enough the river who returns

will be a wild child




Dan Raphael is active in the Northwest as a poet, performer, publisher and reading host. Current poems appear in Caliban, Make it True, Cordite, Indefinite Space and Tip of the Knife. His book Everyone in this Movie Gets Paid is forthcoming from Last Word Press.