Natural Establishment

Ellen Noonan



Razor clams slit

sharp like a wry

smile; my grip on

the wood plane

discovers cursive

shavings, parsing

rife with minute

splinters. I know you

know: bees are dying

off, colonies collapsing;

I blend edges with a

sooty thumb, assert

shapes erasing. Sure,

I’m sure, never more

than this moment when

a bubble hovers between

pinnacle and absolute






Ellen Noonan earned her MFA at Emerson College and is a lecturer in the English Department at Northeastern University in Boston. Her writing has been published in the University Reporter, Spectrum, Beacon Street Review, Eunoia Review, and 3Elements Review and she has work forthcoming in Pine Hills Review and Crab Fat Review. She attended the inaugural session of the Ashbery Home School in August 2014.