Anthem; elegy
Patrick Jones





yr  breaTh is shallow  


           sHallow spirit –


                                 whatEver and hopeful                        



yr  breath is cLosed                       


                                                               clOsed body



     and anxieTy flipping              



         yr  Breath is dying   


assisted prOlonged                 


(yr  biRth traumatic


                iNduced  cut open)



                           unpRepared for life                   


unprepAred for  death


       yr  Breath is out


out of spIrit                   






Jones’ work as a writer of poetry and non-fiction, a visual artist and as an ecological thinker has appeared or been discussed in various publications including Meanjin, Cordite, Arena, Jacket, D!SSENT, PAN (Philosophy, Activism, Nature), Southerly, Heat, Rabbit, unMagazine, Blue Dog, Going Down Swinging, The Atlantic Monthly (US), ecopoetics (US), Tarpaulin Sky (US), Spiral Orb (US), Angelaki (UK), The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald. He recently completed doctoral work at the University of Western Sydney within the Writing and Society Research Group, where he developed the practices of 'permapoesis' and walked-for food. In October 2015 he and his partner Meg Ulman released The Art of Free Travel (NewSouth Publishing, UNSW Press). permapoesis // the artist as family