Esteemed Art-Loving Reader

Alyse Bensel



Each tiny moon


pinned on the underbelly

            of a tulip’s praying leaf


                        signals its slow devouring.


            Caterpillars the length

of a fingernail crack


from the egg—the chrysalis

     contains a metamorphosis incandescent

            in its hardened shell.


                        Even the inchworm raises

                               the length of its body

                                    to heaven, as if caught

                          in ecstasy, praising


                                       what shapes

                        all creatures. For those

                                       who destroy follow cycles


            and observe, and record, and obey.




Alyse Bensel is the author Not of Their Own Making (Dancing Girl Press, 2014) and Shift (Plan B Press, 2012). Her poetry has recently appeared in Mid-American Review, Menacing Hedge, Heavy Feather Review, and burntdistrict, among others. She serves as the Book Review Editor at The Los Angeles Review and Managing Editor of Beecher’s.