Aurora Corona

Donna Fleischer



There is only unrepeatability. The sun

Comes up from the night bringing it form.

It is expected. Metaphorized. Distanced. Not to feel

fear of the dank crowded earth each time, of

darkness overwhelming. We crouch and wait in that house that is dawn.

We strut. We tell ourselves lies that are longings. How to prepare for the thing that has

not happened? The languished pink clover petals today soften me. They will straighten with some rain. This is the season for memory, never to repeat, to turn the raw sight to illusion.

We can try mostly what is easy and slides down the throat like a clotted egg, or insist on difficulty, when each moment that could break off in the hands gushes




Hartford, CT native Donna Fleischer's poems are forthcoming in EOAGH, , Jupiter 88, Lilliput Review, Naugatuck River Review, Otoliths, Poets for Living Waters (Blazevox), Solitary Plover, and South by Southeast. She curates contemporary poetry and permaculture content at her blog word pond.