like nothing else in tense, ése
               erasure of "Anecdote of the Jar," by Wallace Stevens
Vickie Vértiz




I(‘m) a dominó, every here


gray and bare


not bird or bush



I plait,


ill, ma(‘)


round and up


és(a) ros(a) esta rota


, p_to


(s)he’s lovely


(a) long wild wound


the wound, the ground


a tall potion



I laced a tense, see


the wild es sí


and round it was


up, on a hill


(a) long wild wound


I’ll rose up and raw around


no longer wound, f(oo’)


not a bird or brush


like nothing else in tense, ése




Vickie Vértiz was selected by Natalie Diaz for the 2016 Summer Residency at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, Tucson. A new Macondo Fellow, her second book, Palm Frond with Its Throat Cut will be published by the Camino Del Sol Series, in the fall of 2017.