After Dreaming Extinction of Birds
Scott T. Starbuck



Though it is hard to believe,

winged creatures

of every color and shade

filled skies with song.


One called eagle

was the symbol of our nation.


One called golden pheasant

was like a painting.


One called homing pigeon

carried messages.


One called macaw parrot

spoke like a human.


Their migrations signaled

change of seasons

when there were seasons.




Scott T. Starbuck’s audio poems about climate change are on his blog Trees, Fish, and Dreams. Active in SanDiego350, he joined local Native Communities’ Rally and Actions Against Dakota Access Pipeline. His books are Industrial Oz: Ecopoems (Fomite, 2015), Lost Salmon (MoonPath, 2016), and the forthcoming Hawk on Wire: Ecopoems (Fomite, 2017). He was an an Artsmith Fellow on Orcas Island, and 2016 PLAYA climate change resident in poetry.