Subject: Places We Plan to Visit
Samuel Day Wharton



run away from us & the world turns

the faces we can't exhibit into masks. The lands

we grew upon are running out of land;


it's somehow all been turned without a plow.

& the hands we knew then were cunning imitations

of our hands now. We close our eyes


& still see windmills. Come away with us

& help us build the yurt we'll base our forays from.

We clothe our most-prized llamas in purple silk.


Please be sympathetic to our plight:

places we plan to move to keep turning

into tunnels. Our feet keep rooting in the ground


for something other than the ground,

while all our dirt is filling up the sea. & the places

we can't stand to visit are all we dream about.





Samuel Day Wharton's poems have appeared recently in Country Music, Horse Less Review, Leveler, New Plains Review, Prime Number, Raft Magazine, & Versal. He is the editor of the online poetry journal Sawbuck.