From: (Subjective)

Michael Rerick



The corner liquor store and Tucson Mall thrive in the principle of least effort. In

opposition, commuting. And, the rank-size rule scales difficult interactions because

technology brings my friends home. James and Sara Leah speakerphone and Melissa and

Jon Skype. My Tucson, AZ poet interaction theory chart goes half-plotted. Negative

workload impact limits Seoul, Korea and Nanawalie Estates, HI visits and foils group

trips more than bridging distance. For instance, a quick head turn wake of peripheral

intimacy. And, effort equations attempt to connect suffering to absence. Occupy Wall

Street erupts from a service charge on a zero balance credit card delivered by mail, email,

and phone to the same desk. Just as the Day of the Dead moans and dances grotesque

catharses that on the evening news looks cheap and ineffective. A friend lands in my

inbox and day factors determine if instant return will kill leaving a message.






Michael Rerick is the author of In Ways Impossible to Fold (Marsh Hawk Press), X-Ray (Flying Guillotine Press), and morefrom (Alice Blue Books). He currently teaches at Pima Community College and the University of Arizona Poetry Center.