Simmondsia chinensis


Erec Toso



Ode to a Sonoran Jojoba


Oba Jojoba

Most lovely helpmate companion

Succulent soap and hero unsung

How many whales swim free

Because of your gifts of golden oils?

Generous to a fault

A sprung Persephone

Humble and enduring and slightly waxy

A blooming god in the harshness of heat and light

Pear shaped leaves

Turk’s cap of green

You rule the sands

And yield secrets to mortals

Without complaint or repayment.

Forgive me when my eyes seek the hawk

Or the track of a lion

Or the glamour of a cereus.

It is you

Homespun bloom

Patient continuity

That I come to

In my pain

Of scrapes in need of antiseptic

Of earthly ailments

How could I love you more

Revere your woody arms

Your cloistered roots

Your coffee colored fruit

Your sustaining alchemy?

When I leave the land of the blind

And give up the acting the fool

I will join you

Delighting in the common

The giving

The sacrifice

Of sublime


Together we will learn to

Bow to the sun

To give limbs in harvest

Rising and falling in grace.




Erec Toso continues to study his back yard with the help of his teacher, Mondo the black cat. Progress is slow, his teacher reports, but there is hope in the curling mesquite beans and moments of verse.