Corvus corax


Shawna Thompson



When a raven circles above my head,

I know myself, my wisdom,

my way of life

follows that circle.

Soaring upward on the current

rolling on Wind’s breath

I become Raven.


Aloft, the desert floor

shimmers in summer heat,

I turn and twist

with each blackened

beat of Raven’s wings.

My heart thrums in time

to that rhythm

and Wind sings me a song.


Hey ya, hey ya,

Earth’s child is born.

Hey ya, hey ya,

Earth’s daughter is here.


Flying high I am Raven

listening to my song,

listening to Sky’s blues

eying Earth’s greenness.


Saguaros’ verdant towers

lift their arms in celebration

as Raven settles down,

down to desert’s golden reddish dust,

I come back to my body

and bask in desert’s warmth,

jubilant in new knowledge.




Shawna Thompson is a Navajo poet currently living in Tucson and attending The University of Arizona. While working on her master's degree in library science, she has survived breast cancer as well as life in general. Shawna is happy, content, and stressed just enough to keep on writing.