Falco sparverius

American kestrel

Rita Maria Magdaleno



American Kestrel in Captivity: A Sonnet


             “Practice quiet observation”

                      (from Southeastern Birding Trail Map)


You are feisty, little falcon, sparrow hawk, Falco spaverius, Halcón Cernícalo, flurry

of one good wing, your brief ascensions. I find you captured & tethered, on display,

a lame right wing, smudge of rust like a brush-stroke of sunset on your head. No courtship

for you, five years in captivity, the silence of your love-song. Your obsidian eyes are

watching me. He can be mean, your care-taker says. And I see you pierce

the belly of a white mouse, pull out the wet ruby heart, shine of entrails. Your talon is

precise— a spike, smooth-gold, black nail-tip that could rip the tent of Heaven.


Little one, I would sing for you & your Beloved. I would bring you delicate morsels, tiny

gifts, exchange of lovers in courtship. In dreams of flight, white dots shine like a string

of pearls on the trailing edges of your under-wings. I love your white cheeks, grey crown,

white-washed belly, dust of cinnamon. You are lovely. I imagine that you still dream

of White House Road where you were scooped up, five years ago. There, it is twilight

& you face into the wind. There, you hover above the shrew, tender morsel you will bring

to your Beloved who nests in the hole of a saguaro. Who wonders why you never returned.





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Rita Maria Magdaleno is a writer-in-the-schools for AZ Commission on the Arts. Rita considers the desert her home—even though she was born in Augsburg to a German warbride mother. Rita's poetic memoir, Marlene Dietrich, Rita Hayworth, & My Mother, was published by University of Arizona Press, 2004.