Ursus americanus

Black bear

Gary Bear



Saguaro Park Black Bear


Bears in the Saguaro Park-land?

Yes, in the mountain highlands

The Ursus americanus

In this land might come upon us.


The Ursus americanus, by another name a bear--

American black bear black or brown,

Brown or black the black bear--

Saguaro Park-land black bear in its Saguaro Park-land home.


With plantigrade steps bear feet unshod

He walks the desert mountain.

Plantigrade mammal plantigrade stepping with flat of foot flush to the ground

In the Saguaro Park-land mountains as he makes his way around.


Heel toe plantigrade walker ranging far & wide.

If I see you on the trail, I would slowly back away, I would carefully step aside.


In Saguaro Park-land ranges in the mountains high you wander.


Wandering, foraging, far & wide:

Each bear lays claim to his own range,

A place to forage for his meals--

The daily bread of bears.


Twinkling diamond sky bear bright

Above the desert in the night,

Shining on the mammal...bear--

Spring, summer, autumn time;

Then winter sleep, deep sleep, when well-fed mother bears bear cubs

To awaken in the spring…


Ursinid life form strong & wild

With sturdy claws to give us pause.

Protective of her child.

Bear cub child, a couple of years

Growing, learning, mother showing what a bear will need to know to grow

To make another bear

Whose mother bear will show that bear what bears will need to know


To grow another bear.




Mostly self-taught.
Followed my heart, believed in myself.
I don't see a little man on a flaming pie; at times I see a female spirit.