Nasua narica

White-nosed coati

Renee Angle



but the three madents

of the coati

diamond head prehensile

and the rabe in a bush

with its own smell coati

coat it cootie condom catcher

cody mundi mundo menudo

hospitalized a whole

pack on the trail trilobite

and like a baby kept one

held one peek-a-boo to breast

pocket best leak of mucous

raccoon or primate the

hair hot soft

barn height and indivisible as

a reptile cone tittered

crumbs from the nose

bloody ones came rubber

and binned it some eating

some early guest of how

to find it a little made

for tee vee movie with a cherry

script he heard his art bark

and kicked it back to miss it

kissed it combined again

asphalt to ashes

animalia chordata

vertebrata mammalia carnivora

caniformia procyonidae

nasua narica

surmised in sunshine

dental formula as in raccoon

fern and focus dune among dune

bike ride the ape into

the structure of the blacktop

tore up to tissue telekinetic

under parts purchased in the

crevice of a tree

mama to mama grooved

the inner face moist and

touch it timorous blanched

out awares in arizona still

fucked so hard and fucked

it up




Renee Angle resides in Tucson, Arizona where she works for The University of Arizona Poetry Center. Her poems have been published in Diagram, Practice New Art + Writing, Sonora Review, EOAGH, I'll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing By Women, and in the chapbook Lucy Design in the Papal Flea (dancing girl press). She last saw a Coati from her car window on the way to Mount Lemmon.