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Samuel Ace



Pyrrhuloxia in the desert



The pyrrhic is rightfully dismissed. Its existence in either ancient or modern rhythm is purely chimerical, and the insisting on so perplexing a nonentity as a foot of two short syllables, affords, perhaps, the best evidence of the gross irrationality and subservience to authority which characterise our Prosody.

                       Edgar Allen Poe: The Poetic Principle*



I would not be here either without looking like a juvenile from the north    red cockscomb in the mesquite bosque  picked up by a boy in a convertible for something I was not   I would not be here either in this loosely built cup of fumes   purple bark and grass   but for 3 white eggs left by one mother saying daddy you take over today (you find a boy to feed)   I would not be here either   twit or daily    casual to the west    broken by the heat in the thorny bush   liquid or lightly speckled in thickets    I would not be here without the occasional barn and weevil without a thousand more fires (as substantial)   aroused discharged and wet   I would not be here either   despite Poe   in between    needing a name    bent and burnt    billowed and rhapsodic   by my swollen beak



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Samuel Ace is a poet, photographer and educator, the author of three collections of poetry: Normal Sex, Home in three days. Don’t wash., most recently Stealth, co-authored with Maureen Seaton (Chax Press). He lives in Tucson, AZ and Truth or Consequences, NM.

*The Poetic Principle

Pyrrhuloxia on xeno-canto