Canis latrans

Chuck Roberts



Seen but not heard,


heard but not seen,


my friend Coyote.


We have never met,


but each morning,


and later that night,


I hear you calling.


Our paths finally cross,


a fleeting glimpse,


as you glide across the ground,


underneath a moonlit sky.


Now I fully see you,


as you stand before me,


lifting your head high,


howling to the night.





Chuck Roberts is a Public Affairs Officer who works at White Sands Missile Range, N.M. During his 33 years serving in the Air Force and as a U.S. Civil Servant, he has worked in 28 countries as a daily newspaper reporter for the Stars & Stripes, a senior writer at Airman Magazine, and at various public affairs offices in England, Germany, Guam and Korea.