Notholaena standleyi

Star cloak fern
Elva K. Österreich



Two by two

twin and opposite, triangles

Thirteen days to go-time, folding up into being

soaking in the sun, sinking in the sun

stretching down root wires

curling, furling, in the rock midst the gray and cracks

limestone, granite - hard harsh tight tall spaces

clinging to the talus slope

fastening the desert mountains,


Swish to suck in the jubilant water,

unfurling to the moist moonlit earth

Fertility fronds, from tea to womb

Luck in a bag

tying the world together in a web of green surprise.




Elva K. Österreich loves walking in wild places, revels in the scent of rain in the creosote, and lives in one of the most verdant places in the world, the Chihuahuan Desert, where green comes in a thousand colors including brown and blue.