Krameria erecta

Littleleaf ratany
Dael Goodman


Letters to a Littleleaf Ratany

Be Mine O’ Ratentine


Iridescent magenta, maroon-

burgundy, reddish-lavender.

Hint of mint and lobelia.

How like an orchid, or is it sweet-pea?

Two fleshy petals below,

above fanned by three.



To the Little Rat


who took up with my cat, stick

your thorny branches

and furry, pink-spiny fruit

elsewhere, or else.

Yours truly.



Dear President K


I want to grow up to be just like you.

You’re awfully good at hide and seek,

not to mention how you exploit others. And

those barbed burrs you put out are way awesome!

Mrs. Mulvey said we had to write a

letter to someone we admire if

we wanted to pass. Mother says you’re

sure to reply if I ask nicely, so please

Mr. President, act fast. Tag, you’re it!






My Dearest Ratany


How I miss you – despite our last prickly encounter. I admit I was taken aback by your association with Catclaw Acacia. Despite my distaste for close encounters, I find myself daydreaming of your lance-like leaves and intricate limbs. You proved yourself more dominant than I was led to believe, but Anne was right when she called you a rarity.

Yours truly,




Luscious Larvae, Rx


Attn: Jane Doe

Worker Bee – scrape surface of

fleshy petals, mix

oil full-strength with nectar and

pollen from nearby flowers.  




Dael Goodman has centered much of her life’s work around playing and working with words. She finds inspiration in nature, and in real world people and happenings.