Sonorella orientis

Organ Mountain talus snail
Kerry Banazek



Talus is another word for wholes and parts. This

mountain called someone else. We measure

it with our bodies. We need a lot

of help. Means we need. There is a price

for changing. And we didn’t pay it or we

did. Threshold isn’t always the best question.

Some access to eloquence is a liability. Taxonomy

is based on the latest scientific consensus available,

and is provided as general reference for interested

parties. This is bad but it is not yet the apocalypse.

We have a collective responsibility. Elasticity. Rituals

of objectivity. Fidelity to a world of slides and alibis.

Landforms associated with the crime of being

here with us include crevices. Weathering by wind

or ice or. What does anyone have anyway. I took a

name that means someone like me grew a skin

called sea and one called sight. A companion stone.

I can relate to that. I live inside the places I’ve been.

I seal myself to nearling surfaces. Epiphany is just

what a lot of people got wrong. When I say people

I mean mollusks. Never mind. Living here with

the pipes called sky. We all call rock breath. Loose

thorns a weave. Each other, touch. Actually,

we disbelieve all noise. We are safe enough to love





Kerry Banazek is an Assistant Professor at New Mexico State University, where she teaches in the Rhetoric, Digital Media, and Professional Communication programs. Her research and creative work address the many ways in which technologies of vision and data management influence language use.